Erith and Thamesmead Labour Party is a member-led organisation. Every one of our members has a chance to have their say on how we are run, the campaigns we run, and who our election candidates are. We are always happy to hear from new prospective members and supporters and if you have any questions please do get in touch.

You can join the Labour Party online here or request a membership form by post by contacting us using the information at the top of this site.


If you don’t want to join, but would still like to help out come election time, just get in touch and we would be glad of your help! Erith and Thamesmead Labour Party campaign all year round, come rain or shine, election or no election. However, at election time, we naturally have thousands of leaflets to deliver and tens of thousands of voters to reach.

If you're passionate about your community, or if you want to support Teresa Pearce as a Labour MP for Erith and Thamesmead, and are happy to leaflet, or knock on doors, just fill in the form below and let us know.


Unlike the Tories who can rely on rich donors, the Labour Party gets a significant amount of its funding from local members, activists and supporters. Even a small donation of £5 or £10 can make a huge difference at an election. If you would like to donate to Erith and Thamesmead Labour Party, please get in touch.

Being a Labour Party member means fighting for fairness, justice and equality. As a member not only do you join our fight to deliver a Labour Government, you can also help shape policy, choose the candidates who will represent the party, or even stand for election yourself. So if you share our values, join us from as little as £1.25 a month.