My pledges to you...

Below you will find my pledges to you on some key issues at the upcoming election. If you have any questions about where I stand on any issue, or anything else, please do get in touch by emailing me at



I live in the constituency and this is where I chose to bring up my family.

I care about the things that you care about because I live here. I use the same shops and services as you do - the same roads, hospitals and trains. 

I am not involved in politics because I want to be a politician; I am involved in politics because I want to stand up for our community. Over the past seven years I have worked hard to be a strong local voice in Parliament, to stick up for our patch and bring change where I can. Whether that is about Crossrail in Abbey Wood, housing in Thamesmead or Erith, flytipping in Plumstead and Belvedere or anti-social behaviour in North Heath and Lesnes Abbey.

I will continue to stand up for our area and tell the truth even when it is not popular.



Good, efficient transport services are key for our area to grow and thrive.

Yet the Government renewed Southeastern's franchise, despite long-standing issues of overcrowding, delays and cancellations.  The Government is now consulting on changes to the service which could see our options for travelling to and from London limited. A Labour government would bring the railways back under public ownership, freeze fares and introduce free wifi across the network.

Services are set to start late next year at the new Crossrail Station at Abbey Wood, and local residents have had to put up with the inconveniences that accompanied the development in recent years. I have been hard at work to make sure that all local residents will see the benefits of Crossrail and the associated boost to the local area and I will continue to press for the best service possible.

When Thamesmead was first constructed, residents were promised improved transport infrastructure. It never came. I will continue to lobby for new and improved transport links for the whole of our area, whether that is to bring the DLR across the river to Thamesmead and on to Belvedere, or to expand and improve our local bus network.

If re-elected, I will work to ensure that local people see better transport services in our local area.


I will defend our NHS against creeping privatisation and push for more investment in our health and social care.

The Tories promised to protect our NHS but it has been plunged into crisis with waiting lists up, A&Es overcrowded and hospitals in financial crisis. Meanwhile £4.6bn in Tory cuts have created an emergency in social care.

Labour will always give the NHS the resources it needs. We will invest to tackle the crisis in social care and will join up services between hospital and home with a properly integrated health and social care service.

Under the Tories, waiting lists for treatment have soared. There are now a million more people waiting for treatment than when Labour left government in 2010. According to latest data available, in England in March 2017 more than 360,000 patients waited longer than the 18 week target for an operation.

In Guy's And St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, 89.20% of patients were seen within 18 weeks for their operation, against a target of 92%.

In King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, just 76.10% of patients were seen within 18 weeks for their operation, against a target of 92 per cent.

Cancer treatment target

In England in 2016/17 over 26,000 patients waited longer than two months to start urgent cancer treatment. Locally, in the NHS Bexley in Bexley nearly 15% patients had to wait over 2 months to start urgent cancer treatment. In the NHS in Greenwich this was even worse with 25% of patients having to wait over 2 months to start urgent cancer treatment.

A&E and GPs

In England, the number of people forced to wait longer than four hours in A&E has increased from just over 350,000 in 2009/10 to 2.5 million in 2016/17, and one-in-four of us now wait a week or more to see a GP or don’t get an appointment at all.

Social care

The Tories have let older and vulnerable people down by cutting £4.6 billion from social care budgets over the last 2 years. 400,000 fewer older people are receiving state-funded social care and the number of days patients are stuck in hospital because there is nowhere safe to discharge them has reached a record high in recent months.

Our NHS is facing an emergency. Waiting lists have soared and our A&E’s are overcrowded. Labour would halt all hospital closure plans, and give the NHS and social care the funding that it needs.


 The Tories are failing our local communities. They are presiding over a housing crisis, and their unfair cuts to local government hit some of the most in need councils hardest.

Under the Tories house-building fell to its lowest peacetime rate since the 1920s. There are 200,000 fewer homeowners since 2010, the lowest rate of home ownership in a generation.

We all know somebody affected by the housing crisis – whether it is your children struggling to get on the ladder or your friends faced with soaring private rents for a place not fit for human habitation.

Labour will invest to build one million homes over five years including 100,000 affordable homes a year to buy and rent by the end of the Parliament. Labour government will deliver a ‘consumer rights revolution’ for renters, starting by introducing tougher legal minimum standards for all private rented homes.

Everybody deserves a decent home and a safe place to live. I will take on rogue landlords and unauthorised HMOs, help deliver a fairer deal for renters and push for more affordable housing.



Every child deserves the best start in life as possible.


The Government is cutting funding to our schools and this will directly impact on the educational outcomes of our children. A Labour Government will stop the cuts to school budgets with a real terms increase in funding and introduce a truly fair funding formula that ensures no schools would lose out.

Labour will invest in a National Education Service to ensure no child is held back which will in turn create a more skilled workforce and productive economy. Labour’s plan to increase schools funding and introduce free, lifelong education in colleges is at the heart of its commitment to create a society run for the many not the few.

Britain’s children deserve to be the healthiest in the world. However, Childhood Obesity is at epidemic proportions. The next Labour Government will halve childhood obesity within ten years and make Britain the healthiest country in the world to grow up in.  

I was proud to table a Bill in the last Parliament to introduce compulsory first aid training in secondary schools. The Bill attracted a wide array of support from leading politicians, celebrities, local and national charities such as St Johns Ambulance, the British Red Cross and the British Heart Foundation. Sadly the Government refused to support it and the Bill was talked out. You can find out more about the bill at

I will continue my Every Child a Life Saver Campaign to ensure that First Aid is taught in all secondary schools and to support young people by fighting for measures to give them the best possible start in life.